Quick Start for New Sales Reps

“Over 50% of new hire sales people leave or are terminated before they become productive” – STM360

Do you have to wait months to determine if you really made a good hire? Are you frustrated that your new sales people are not “dialed into” your company and its products/services? Quick Start is a structured coaching and training development program which accelerates start up time, increases productivity and reduces turnover in new sales team members. It is designed to work within your current resources and will be tailored to fit your company’s needs.

Key Results from the Program:

Be Able to Assess Performance Early-On: We will establish key metrics of performance that go beyond just raw sales numbers. These will give you the ability to determine if your new hire is having success within 90 days of being hired.

Gain Regular Feedback: We will craft agendas for regular 1:1 sessions where you will have the opportunity to coach the new hire. Also, you will get insight into each new hire’s performance.

Bring Your New Talent Up to Speed: Jointly we will develop targeted, realistic training programs for you new hires. These programs will be long on practical experience with limited classroom time. Sessions will focus on how to promote your company and deal with sales objections. All programs will be designed so your staff can conduct them.

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