Getting Real Value from Sales Force Automation

by | Jul 31, 2013 | Complex Sales, CRM, Sales, Sales Management, Sales team Leadership |

For a sales manager to be able to derive value from Sales Force Automation (SFA) the following key issues must have been addressed:

1) Clarity of the objectives for the SFA implementation. What exactly does management expect will improve / change with the adoption of a SFA solution by its sales team?

2) Make sure the SFA solution, and how you implement it, follow how your sales people work. For example – how important is remote access, and if so, what data needs to be accessible, does your sales team rely heavily upon tablets, etc.?

3) Training for the sales team on how to use it. And deliver the training in “digestible” segments.  Sales people are not natural record keepers and “memorializers” of data, so show them how the system works, the shortcuts to use and how it will benefit them.

4) Management must actually use the SFA system.  For example, are sales managers regularly analyzing the data in the system, either weekly or even daily?  If not, sales people will rapidly catch on that management is not serious about the system and will stop using it as intended.

Brad Leggett, is CEO/Founder of The Leggett Group, Inc. His firm focuses on the issues and challenges associated with building, leading and retaining high performance sales teams.

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