Defining Your Sales Process

Your sales people tell you their “hottest” prospect is ready to sign with your company any day. Only you find out you there are 3 very active competitors on the deal. Sound familiar? Defining Your Sales Process will establish a specific sales process tailored to you company’s your sales environment. The key questions that need to be asked at each step to guide deals to closing will be crafted. High and low probability accounts will be identified. This will increase sales team effectiveness, streamline communications, avoid wasted effort – and lead to more sales.

Key Results from the Program:

Focus Selling Time: Prioritize accounts (A, B, C) and use key questions early in the sales cycle to identify and focus on high probability prospects and “sideline” low probability deals.

Gain Clarity Where Each Deal Stands: By determining the questions to be asked and actions to be taken at each step you will know where each deal stands.

Enhance Sales Coaching: With clear data about key deals you can effectively coach your sales team on the options available to them and what steps should be taken.

Deal with Roadblocks Early: Roadblocks will become clear – and can be dealt with before they become deal killers.

Improve Forecasting and Revenue Predictability: Each deal will have to meet certain criteria to “move up” in your pipeline and be included in revenue forecasts.

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