Sales Team Leadership

Do you wake up at night asking- “Why doesn’t my sales team achieve the results I need?” Sales Team Leadership transforms the sales team leader into a highly effective sales manager who gets results from the company’s sales team. It is a structured coaching and development program that focuses on the functional skills that are essential for sales team leadership. Sales Team Leadership is designed for senior sales team leaders, first line sales managers and CEO’s who manage their company’s sales force.

Key Results from the Program:

Hold the Team Accountable: You will learn how to set demanding but realistic goals and hold team members accountable for meeting them.

Improve or Remove: When team members are not meeting expectations we will develop specific plans to help them improve their performance or help them move to another career.

Know Who to Let on Bus: As the first step we will clarify the key attributes and skills needed for each sales position in the company. Using that knowledge you can hire talent with the drive and skills to succeed in your company’s environment.

Hold Value Packed Sales Meetings: We will set agendas for sales meetings that provide value to the sales team and enhance their skills.

Gain Revenue Predictability: First we will determine the specific steps in your company’s sales process. Then we will develop key questions the sales team should be asking in each stage. The information gained by this technique will help you determine when prospective business might close, the probability of it closing and give you information for coaching your team.

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