On-Target Hiring

“80% of employee turnover is due to hiring mistakes” – Harvard University

The #1 factor in the success of your sales efforts is the sales talent you hire. However, hiring talent with the sales background and skills to succeed is a major challenge for most firms. On-Target Hiring is a structured process that enables you to get the data needed to hire superior sales talent.

Key Results from the Program:

Know What You Are Looking For: We will “take apart” the sales job you need filled. We will focus on the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in your market and at your company. Then a set of specific questions that uncover a candidate’s relevant accomplishments, skills and knowledge will be crafted.

Understand What You Are “Buying”:
A series of structured interviews will be conducted using the questions we developed. These “progressive” interviews will delve deeper into the candidate’s relevant background and provide you a “picture” of the person’s fit to the job you have to offer.

Have a Hiring Roadmap: On-Target Hiring’s proven 8 step process will keep your hiring on track. It ensures you will not hire in haste nor drag out the process and lose good candidates. Hiring is not a one-time event. On-Target Hiring gives your company a clear “roadmap” for future hiring decisions.

Gain Multiple Perspectives: On-Target Hiring’s structured interviewing process engages other key members of your team in the interviewing process. Their involvement provides meaningful feedback from different perspectives on the candidate. It also builds rapport between them and the person you hire making integration into the team easier.

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