Story-Based Selling

“Over 70% of sales teams can’t explain their company’s value proposition” – CMO Magazine

People relate to stories and to examples. To capture someone’s attention you need to be able to relate how your product or service was used by someone else and the positive impact of it. In other words potential customers need to hear your success “stories.” Story Based Selling is an integrated marketing and sales training program. During this program we will develop the stories your team needs then train them when and how to use them. It will turn your sales team into true advocates of your company – increasing closing ratios and overall revenues.

Key Results from the Program:

Develop Meaningful “Stories”: We will delve into your company’s history of client successes and build stories around these successes. The stories will focus on the client situation and the benefit the client received from your product or service. For ease of access and use each story will be categorized.

Know the Right “Story” to Tell: The key to story based selling is telling the appropriate story to the right audience. We will craft specific questions to use to uncover the prospect’s needs. So your sales people can relate exactly the right story to get the sale.

Build the Confidence of Your Sales Team: We will train the team to use the stories in “real life” role play situations. They will know the stories and tell them with conviction – building credibility with customers and capturing more sales.

Close More Sales: With your sales team speaking to your customers about how your company can specifically meet their needs your team will close more deals.

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