Goals and Actions for the Sales Teams

Clear Goals – Concrete Results

All sales teams require clear goals. Highly effective sales teams are able to assess the current situation and develop specific goals and supporting action plans to meet key goals. In a one day facilitated session we will guide your sales team though an assessment of your current situation, setting goals and crafting supporting action plans.

Key Results from the Program:

Gain Clarity about Opportunities and Challenges: We will start by brainstorming current opportunities that exist and the challenges that must be met.

Develop Team Alignment and Buy-in: The group will narrow the list of opportunities and challenges down the ones that provide the greatest “ROI.”

Set Clear, Achievable Goals: The group will develop specific measurable goals for each opportunity or challenge to be addressed.

Craft Specific Action Plans: The core of the day’s work will be the development of action plans needed to achieve the company’s key goals. These plans will spell out what actions need to be taken, by whom, by when and with what resources to drive each initiative to completion.

Ensure Completion and Accountability: Periodic review sessions will be set up for both individual and group initiatives. Progress against specific goals will be measured and adjustments will be made as needed.

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