Corporate Action Plans

To achieve profitable corporate growth your senior management team must be aligned on its vision and key goals. And, there must be specific, actionable, achievable plans to reach these goals. We will accomplish the following in a one-day, hands-on, facilitator lead session:

Key Results from the Program:

Develop a Shared Vision: At the end of the day your management team will have a shared vision of the goals the company must meet and the actions and changes are needed to meet those goals.

Determine the “Vital Few”: We will start by brainstorming the “laundry list” of issues and opportunities that may need to be addressed. We will use our proven process to prioritize the “Vital Few” issues and opportunities – ones that are most critical to the company’s success and market sustainability.

Craft Action Plans: As the essence of the day’s activities, we will develop action plans to address the “Vital Few.” These plans will spell out what actions need to be taken, by whom, by when and with what resources to drive each initiative to completion.

Gain Champions for Each Initiative: A key factor in driving an initiative to completion is having an effective advocate who will lead the initiative. Each action plan or initiative will have a designated champion.

Ensure Completion and Accountability: To make certain that your team stays on track in driving the initiatives forward – while still completing their regular assignments – we will set up periodic follow up meetings to check the status of each initiative.

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